1. The Niner 99.9 Gravel Ride is a social event and certainly not a competition, enjoy this epic event together with your fellow riders. We recommend you to leave in groups to fully enjoy the mutual friendship between fellow riders.
  2. You can download a gpx file with the route from the Niner 99.9 event page a few days before the event. The gpx file will be the main guidance for completing the course. In other words signalization will be limited.
  3. Participation is at your own risk and responsibility. So when a rider is not insured, this is on the rider’s own responsibility.
  4. Participants should be at least 18 years or older. In case you are younger than 18 years, an approval of parents/guardian is required. In this case the parent/guardian takes responsibility for actions taken by his/her child/guardian child.
  5. Participants should always follow instructions given by the organization and law enforcement.
  6. The Participants bike and gear should be equipped to ride off road on both gravel -and forest roads.
  7. Participants should always wear a certified cycling helmet during the ride.
  8. Participants should respect other riders and people which are present on the course.
  9. Participants should respect nature and only dump litter in foreseen places (bins).
  10. Participants should be aware that the route is also accessible for other people who are not participating the event.
  11. Participants should always follow traffic regulations. Ignoring traffic regulations is your own responsibility.
  12. Participants are responsible for their own actions. The organization cannot be held liable/responsible for any accidents and cost arising due to the accident before, during or after the ride (during the event).
  13. The organization cannot be held liable/responsible for any damage or loss of personal possessions before, during or after the ride (during the event).
  14. Participants agree that the organization of the Niner 99.9 Gravel Ride, can freely use photos, videos and recordings made during the event. Riders agree that they cannot claim any compensation when any of these photos, videos or recordings are used. Riders agree that the organization can use and publish content of these photos, videos or recordings in all (social) media. Riders agree that the organization can use and publish content of these photos, videos for promotion purposes.
  15. Participants may apply a refund within 14 days after complete registration. When refunds occur a 5 Euro administration cost will be charged. After 14 days it is possible to hand over the ticket to another participant, but organization should be notified with all details of new participant as registration and agreement on terms and regulations are on name. If the ticket is passed on without the organisation being informed, the ‘new’ participant will not be entitled to all the advantages of the ticket like the goodybag/gravel shirt etc.
  16. In case of force majeure the event can be cancelled to ensure riders safety. In this case no refund will be applicable, but goody bag will send to the rider as compensation.
  17. Agreement and approval on these terms and conditions per participant via ticking the checkbox during registration.

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